Interview with The PBS Blog

With the upcoming release of MAGIX, I thought taking part in something that I have not done in awhile would help readers learn more about me. So when the chance to be interviewed by Yecheilyah Ysrayl for The PBS Blog came to me, I took the opportunity and enjoyed every minute of it!

And for my fellow authors, if you would also like the privilege of interviewing for this blog, please click here.

I hope you all enjoy this interview! Let me know what your thoughts are about our discussion in the comments.

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process.

– K. McCoy


Sweet Sage Unicorn

With today being Valentines’ Day, I decided to give you lovely readers something sweet.

Though I must admit that this short story did not end exactly as I thought it would. So much so that I changed the original name (from something completely different from the Facebook Poll earlier this week). Either way, I hope you enjoy it!

Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.

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– K. McCoy


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“Dinner and a movie?”


“Oh! A night of club hopping?”

“Ugh! No.”

“How do you not know what Ben has planned for you tonight?”

Yenny turned to her work wife with a smirk. “Because we celebrate Valentines’ Day everyday and decided not to make a fuss about its calendar date.”

Watching her good friend Judy then narrow her eyes at her remark, Yenny figured that it would be wise to change the subject. “And what about you? Who happens to be your flavor of the week now?” Judy laughed but Yenny could hear the sour notes behind it still.

“I tossed Tom days before this depressing holiday and am now planning to tag along with some other single ladies to this new exclusive spot. “Oh? What’s the name of this one?” Judy leaned in closer to Yenny  as she looked around the office for any sign of an eavesdropper. “It’s really a residential spot that a few swingers my girls know. They’re calling it…Wet Bottoms.”

“Seriously?!” Yenny frowned as Judy giggled. “Yes! All single ladies get in free before 10 pm and get first pick of the fit hubbies. Don’t knock it!”

“Fine. I won’t. Just be sure to drink, uber, and whatever else you do responsibly, okay?” The overhead clock at the front desk chimed, bringing to a close the workday, and the two begin shutting down their computers.

“Thank goodness! I thought today would never end.”

“Well, it has. Time for me to head home to my Big Ben.” As Yenny imagined herself in her boyfriends’ arms, she felt a soft slap on her own. “You don’t have to rub it in – I get it already – you’re in LOVE.” Judy rolled her eyes as the two walked out of the office.

“See you next week Juju!”


After fighting traffic for 30 minutes, Yenny finally made it to their apartment. Not seeing Ben’s motorcycle she pouted. Guess I’ll shower and wait for him to get here then. Stripping off her work clothes as she walked to their bedroom, Yenny reached the bathroom and turned on the warm water. Humming to herself as she showered, she heard the front door alarm beeped and smiled. Quickly finishing up, she dried herself off and slipped on her favorite unicorn onesie as she walked into the living room.

Yenny still couldn’t believe that the man she saw talking away on his cell phone was her guy. The two finally did the ‘grown up’ thing when they moved in together six months ago. Her Big Ben was beyond caring in so many ways. He encouraged her to change her work schedule to part time so she can devote more time to returning back to school and gave her the space she needed to create. As an aspiring graphic designer, that was super important to her. All he asked in return was that she give him the same and to continue being honest with him about her needs.

With him not being into physical affection, Yenny did worry that she might ask too much of him. To be honest, in the beginning, it was hard to not just reach out and kiss him at random or want to be intimate with him. Though after almost 2 years, she learned through him that levels of intimacy can be far deeper than sharing bodies. Ben, all 5 feet and 9 inches of him, allows her to be her most vulnerable self when her self doubt creeps in. He shares his fears of not being accepted by his friends with every heartbreaking story that he trusted her with by telling her about his past relationships. Being able to spend their days off together doing nothing more than taking strolls along the park and holding hands became her favorite way of getting ‘hot and heavy’.

“Hey. Pizza will be here in 20 minutes.” Pulling her from her thoughts, Yenny blinked her eyes and yawned. “Okay.”

“Did my little unicorn have a long day working for the man today?” Ben walked over to Yenny and patted her plush horn before bending down to kiss her forehead. Slightly shocked at the unexpected contact, she asked him bluntly, “What was that for? Not that I am at all complaining.”

He slyly kept his head down. “Well, today is Valentines’ Day. I thought it would be appropriate.”  “It is only appropriate if you are okay with it Ben.” Yenny stoop down a bit to look him in the eye. “Are you?” Seeing the grin on his face as he nodded, she decided not to press any further. “What movie do you want to watch tonight? Think you can handle a B list comedy with a few actors out of their prime?”

His eyes sparkled with excitement. “Heck yeah! Let’s see what’s on demand.” As she grabbed the remote, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small card. “What’s this?” Yenny asked. Ben grinned. “I know we don’t celebrate the day like most of the people in our lives, but I wanted you to have something sweet. And tomorrow there will be literally tons of chocolate on sale…so I bought you a gift card to buy yourself some sweets.”

Yenny’s face was starting to hurt from smiling so hard. “Thank you! Sweets for your sweet – I can get use to that.” Seeing his face somber, she grew concerned. “You are more than that, you know that, right?” She nodded. Though Ben still looked a little worried.

“Hey, talk to me. Everything okay?”

He took her hand and lead her to the couch and sighed deeply. “I just – sometimes I can’t help it. I think that today will be the day that you get sick of not being with someone who doesn’t want sex and leave.” Hearing his voice waver made Yenny’s heart sink.

“All the guys were talking today about their plans for tonight and I just felt so, so inadequate. Like something must be wrong with me for not wanting to be with you in that way.” She hated to hear him say that about himself and it must have shown on her face. “You’re mad. I knew it.”

“Oh, I am upset. But not for what you’re thinking.” She gently caressed his hand to calm both of their nerves. “You have been honest with me, so let me return the favor. I told you before we moved in together that sex was not an issue. And I meant it.” Disbelief was all over his face. “Seriously. We’ve dated for, what, a year before moving in together? And I feel an intimacy with you that most of the people I know are out looking for right now. Sex and making love can become two different things with someone. Being with you has taught me that. And there is no one I want to keep making love with more than you.”

Ben brought his forehead down to connect with Yenny’s and she hoped with all of her heart that he understood what she was trying to say.

“Thank you for telling me that. It’s the best Valentine’s Day gift that you could have given me.” he admitted softly.

“You’re welcome.”


The Coldest Offense

January has been the month of not only finding balance with writing and work, but also maintaining motivation to write.

And if one was to keep score, the cold front has certainly won this month.

As a lifelong Floridian, I did not take into account how much this weather would affect my schedule and now I am admitting out loud the struggle. For weeks, my motivation has been lacking due to my physical lack of warmth here in South Korea. The one goal I have after work is to simple make it home, shower, and try to stay warm without getting ill. Even as I write this short paragraph I am struggling to not focus on feeling the chill from my fingertips and seeing my breath come out in short gusts of air.

It is such a first world problem in my opinion that I almost did not share it at all due to embarrassment.

Though with all the deadlines that are now approaching, I felt it necessary to discuss. If for no other reason than to finally find the needed motivation to get back to completing my novel MAGIX to see that it is released on time this March. Which I will release – regardless of this weather.

Having said all this, today will now be known as the last day that the cold weather in Asia has gotten the best of me. I have a plan in place to ensure that! Though now I wonder how do you fellow writers in the northern parts of the US have been handling writing in such cold conditions. Please let me know in the comments, and I will promise here and now to continue updating you all on my journey to making MAGIX.


Continue reading, continue writing, and continue loving the process.


-K. McCoy

2019 Visions

Happy New Years Eve!

Five years ago, I would have been delightfully buzzed off of champagne, dancing in the middle of some party with my friends, while eyeing someone cute to kiss at midnight.

Times have definitely changed.

How I choose to ring in the new year this year is by getting a head start on the prep work needed to make sure I have the tools needed to make all my dreams come true. Which is why I went ahead and mapped out my plans for 2019 with a vision board!

All the better to see them with, my lovely readers and writers.



Allow me to explain these goals of mine for 2019 in more detail.

Self Love

Before I pursue anything on my list, I know that my mental well being is first to take care of. I have to make myself a priority before anything else. To do that, I need to make sure that I take time to reflect, keep toxic situations and people from disrupting my space, and to continue checking in with my secure network of friends when I need to about things that I feel the need to discuss. Doing this will clear my thoughts and make room for all the positive and inspiring things that help me create more. It is a win win!

Clear Work space with Clarity

With a clear mind comes a work space for me to allow my creativity to roam freely. And for those dark moments when talking to a close friend or yoga won’t help…I know that writing will. Which is why I am now working towards building a small workstation in my studio to have that space to create in.

The Power of Three

Yes, I love the number 3!

That is only one of the many reasons behind me deciding to release not one, but THREE novels in 2019! Sigh.

My work space can not be completed soon enough…


Unsplash has for sure improved since I came across it last year as far as having the images that I would like to see and use to promote my future work. Though with the frustration of not having many options to chose from, I have been inspired again to try my hand at photography!

I want more options, and I know that I am not the only black female writer that feels this way.

After consulting with a few friends in the field, I’ve decided to learn more about the wonderful world of photography and save up for a proper camera to begin capturing the images that I would like to see more of for novels like mine.

Unsplash and YouTube Content Creator

Since Unsplash was the inspiration behind my aspiring photographer goal, I want to share my future pictures with the site as well.

My Youtube channel as been dormant for far too long, so I have begun working on content to share with you all on the channel for the year!

Self Doubt, Leave the Building! Good Vibes Only.

Okay, so self doubt will never officially go away. Though I have a solid plan in place to diminish its presence in my life. Surrounding myself with good people, good inspirational projects, and overall good vibes.

I am looking forward to sharing with you all the best of me (yet) in 2019!


Continue reading, continue writing, continue to love the process!

-K. McCoy



MAGIX Update

Hello lovely readers and writers!

After Nanowrimo turned into a bust, I still held out hope for a December release of my first full novel this year. Though now I have also accepted that that is not going to happen. And again, I am okay with this decision.

With this being my first full novel, I want to present it to the world as best as I can.

The state that it is in is still a rough draft at best, and with all the potholes that I keep discovering- even after submitting it to my editor – there is no way that I can afford to rush this project. I still have not found a book cover artist for this novel!

My Canva usage skills have improved, but not to the point where I could feel confident in making the book cover for this solo.

These characters are my babies. More than anything I want to tell their stories as best as I can, and have readers fall in love with them almost as much as I have. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart. And I want readers of this genre (which I have not seen many of, all the more reason for me to do a great job with presenting this story) to at least appreciate the effort of my writing and sharing this story.

Those are the reasons why I can happily say that the release of my novel MAGIX has been pushed back until next year.

While working on this novel, I will also begin the relaunch of my YouTube channel, with the hopes of finding my audience for the books that I have in mind of releasing. I am also working on my mailing list (again!) and my overall content to share with you all in 2019. There is a release date in mind for MAGIX, but I want to keep it to myself until I at least find a book cover artist before sharing it with you all.

Now I ask that you lovely readers and writers remain patient with me a little longer for the reveal of my first music and friendship genre novel release, MAGIX.


Thank you.


Continue reading, continue, writing, and continue to love the process.



The Year Nanowrimo Became a Bust.

Exactly 11 days into this month and I have to call Nano a no go for me this year.

And…I am completely okay with this decision.

Let’s start this story from the beginning, shall we?

I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. The thrill of not having a plan, leading to ‘surprise’ deadlines, and spontaneous late nights of writing due to insatiable burst of creativity flowing until the beautiful sunrise. Sounds lovely to a cynical yet low key romantic such as myself. It still is, by the way. Except this year, I have a book – my first full novel – that I would like to present to the world in December.

With that comes editing, re-writes, preparations for its launch, and so forth.

Missing emails from my editor was the first red flag to the downfall of nano. Then there is this project that I decided to start during the mist of November, the #indieauthorshoutout project. My reading and reviewing of fellow indie authors on my YouTube channel. The first review will be posted here tomorrow and I am very excited to share it with you all!

These two important projects, as well as my current job, tutoring, on-going commitment to a few other social media pages, and my sleep schedule prove to enough for me. And so I had to let go of my hopes to successfully completing another year of Nanowrimo.

I wish everyone participating well, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, please know that that is okay. You are still a author, a writer, a wonderful and creative being who will soon share your stories with the world in your own time. Nanowrimo is meant to be that spark that gets you excited and energized to do just that! It is meant to get you in the habit of discovering who you are as a writer, a author, and how to go about finding what routines work best for YOU.

And…there is always next year to make nanowrimo happen. Spend the time until then getting ready for it 🙂

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue to loving the process.

– K. McCoy