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2019 Visions

Happy New Years Eve!

Five years ago, I would have been delightfully buzzed off of champagne, dancing in the middle of some party with my friends, while eyeing someone cute to kiss at midnight.

Times have definitely changed.

How I choose to ring in the new year this year is by getting a head start on the prep work needed to make sure I have the tools needed to make all my dreams come true. Which is why I went ahead and mapped out my plans for 2019 with a vision board!

All the better to see them with, my lovely readers and writers.



Allow me to explain these goals of mine for 2019 in more detail.

Self Love

Before I pursue anything on my list, I know that my mental well being is first to take care of. I have to make myself a priority before anything else. To do that, I need to make sure that I take time to reflect, keep toxic situations and people from disrupting my space, and to continue checking in with my secure network of friends when I need to about things that I feel the need to discuss. Doing this will clear my thoughts and make room for all the positive and inspiring things that help me create more. It is a win win!

Clear Work space with Clarity

With a clear mind comes a work space for me to allow my creativity to roam freely. And for those dark moments when talking to a close friend or yoga won’t help…I know that writing will. Which is why I am now working towards building a small workstation in my studio to have that space to create in.

The Power of Three

Yes, I love the number 3!

That is only one of the many reasons behind me deciding to release not one, but THREE novels in 2019! Sigh.

My work space can not be completed soon enough…


Unsplash has for sure improved since I came across it last year as far as having the images that I would like to see and use to promote my future work. Though with the frustration of not having many options to chose from, I have been inspired again to try my hand at photography!

I want more options, and I know that I am not the only black female writer that feels this way.

After consulting with a few friends in the field, I’ve decided to learn more about the wonderful world of photography and save up for a proper camera to begin capturing the images that I would like to see more of for novels like mine.

Unsplash and YouTube Content Creator

Since Unsplash was the inspiration behind my aspiring photographer goal, I want to share my future pictures with the site as well.

My Youtube channel as been dormant for far too long, so I have begun working on content to share with you all on the channel for the year!

Self Doubt, Leave the Building! Good Vibes Only.

Okay, so self doubt will never officially go away. Though I have a solid plan in place to diminish its presence in my life. Surrounding myself with good people, good inspirational projects, and overall good vibes.

I am looking forward to sharing with you all the best of me (yet) in 2019!


Continue reading, continue writing, continue to love the process!

-K. McCoy



MAGIX Update

Hello lovely readers and writers!

After Nanowrimo turned into a bust, I still held out hope for a December release of my first full novel this year. Though now I have also accepted that that is not going to happen. And again, I am okay with this decision.

With this being my first full novel, I want to present it to the world as best as I can.

The state that it is in is still a rough draft at best, and with all the potholes that I keep discovering- even after submitting it to my editor – there is no way that I can afford to rush this project. I still have not found a book cover artist for this novel!

My Canva usage skills have improved, but not to the point where I could feel confident in making the book cover for this solo.

These characters are my babies. More than anything I want to tell their stories as best as I can, and have readers fall in love with them almost as much as I have. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart. And I want readers of this genre (which I have not seen many of, all the more reason for me to do a great job with presenting this story) to at least appreciate the effort of my writing and sharing this story.

Those are the reasons why I can happily say that the release of my novel MAGIX has been pushed back until next year.

While working on this novel, I will also begin the relaunch of my YouTube channel, with the hopes of finding my audience for the books that I have in mind of releasing. I am also working on my mailing list (again!) and my overall content to share with you all in 2019. There is a release date in mind for MAGIX, but I want to keep it to myself until I at least find a book cover artist before sharing it with you all.

Now I ask that you lovely readers and writers remain patient with me a little longer for the reveal of my first music and friendship genre novel release, MAGIX.


Thank you.


Continue reading, continue, writing, and continue to love the process.



The Year Nanowrimo Became a Bust.

Exactly 11 days into this month and I have to call Nano a no go for me this year.

And…I am completely okay with this decision.

Let’s start this story from the beginning, shall we?

I have always been a fly by the seat of my pants kind of person. The thrill of not having a plan, leading to ‘surprise’ deadlines, and spontaneous late nights of writing due to insatiable burst of creativity flowing until the beautiful sunrise. Sounds lovely to a cynical yet low key romantic such as myself. It still is, by the way. Except this year, I have a book – my first full novel – that I would like to present to the world in December.

With that comes editing, re-writes, preparations for its launch, and so forth.

Missing emails from my editor was the first red flag to the downfall of nano. Then there is this project that I decided to start during the mist of November, the #indieauthorshoutout project. My reading and reviewing of fellow indie authors on my YouTube channel. The first review will be posted here tomorrow and I am very excited to share it with you all!

These two important projects, as well as my current job, tutoring, on-going commitment to a few other social media pages, and my sleep schedule prove to enough for me. And so I had to let go of my hopes to successfully completing another year of Nanowrimo.

I wish everyone participating well, but if you find yourself in a similar situation, please know that that is okay. You are still a author, a writer, a wonderful and creative being who will soon share your stories with the world in your own time. Nanowrimo is meant to be that spark that gets you excited and energized to do just that! It is meant to get you in the habit of discovering who you are as a writer, a author, and how to go about finding what routines work best for YOU.

And…there is always next year to make nanowrimo happen. Spend the time until then getting ready for it 🙂

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue to loving the process.

– K. McCoy


New Content is on the way!

Now that my work schedule is set and I am settled into my new residency – I can start rolling out the new content!

As you have seen with my featured image, one of the first things that I plan to bring to you all will be (weekly) YouTube videos 🙂 Especially with Nanowrimo right around the corner! Right now, even after all this time, I feel that you readers still do not know much about me. That changes with the new content that I have prepared to share with you all.

Speaking of sharing (and Nanowrimo), here is the book cover that I made to motivate me during November:

The Hits Keep Coming

This book is my baby.

Seriously! It is the first novel that I ever started, and I feel compelled to finish it this year. At least the rough draft 🙂

I have decided on my genres of Friendship, Music, and Romance (love? who knows?) and this is the novel that started this journey for me as an author. And don’t worry if you do not know what Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) is all about right now. Starting next month, I will be sure to explain in detail what it is all about.

You will also be able to properly join my mailing list next month too!

As soon as I finishing ironing out all the kinks, I will be sure to share that information on all of my social medias so that you lovely readers can get even more exclusive behind the scenes footage of my writing flow! And you will also be the first that I turn to help me with decisions on what content to share or create – starting now 🙂

Let me know in the comments what your favorite social medias are to connect with others, and do you prefer short stories (under 2,000) or novels (50,000)?


Continue reading, continue writing, and continue to love the process.


Sweet Seducing Sighs – in PRINT!

Hello Tribe!

This week I will be taking part (as an author!) in my first vendor event with my first ever collection of short stories, Sweet Seducing Sighs. I am so excited to be meeting new readers and presenting the world – in person – with this project!

Here is my unboxing video for ‘Sweet Seducing Sighs’!


And of course, I plan to record myself at this event. For any of you that are local, the event is this Saturday, at The Tea Room. It’s for the Battle of the Sexes 3, and it is shaping up to be one exciting time! I hope to see you there 🙂

A new day and a new Novel!

It is a new day, a new dawn.

And I have a few new updates about my book releases for you!

Though first, please let me thank shutuprhema for making the photo used as a featured image available freely on unsplash 🙂

It’s been more than a bit of time since my last novel works update, and that is largely in part to my future wanderlust plans. With that now settled (I will post about that at a later time – I promise), it is time to make a few announcements.

In exactly 32 days, I will release the sequel to Soprano Speaks: Volume 1, the long-awaited Soprano Speaks: Volume 2!


Once the official cover is complete, I will be sure to share it here first.

And…at the end of Soprano Speaks: Volume 2, there will be an excerpt from my first full novel – MAGIX!

I have gone through so much with this novel, so to finally be at a place to where I can share a bit of this story with you all is a huge deal for me. Overall, I am jittery from the excitement and looking forward to sharing the world that I’ve created with everyone. And I hope you all like it. Thanks.

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue to love the process.

– K. McCoy