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Sweet Seducing Sighs – in PRINT!

Hello Tribe!

This week I will be taking part (as an author!) in my first vendor event with my first ever collection of short stories, Sweet Seducing Sighs. I am so excited to be meeting new readers and presenting the world – in person – with this project!

Here is my unboxing video for ‘Sweet Seducing Sighs’!


And of course, I plan to record myself at this event. For any of you that are local, the event is this Saturday, at The Tea Room. It’s for the Battle of the Sexes 3, and it is shaping up to be one exciting time! I hope to see you there 🙂

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A new day and a new Novel!

It is a new day, a new dawn.

And I have a few new updates about my book releases for you!

Though first, please let me thank shutuprhema for making the photo used as a featured image available freely on unsplash 🙂

It’s been more than a bit of time since my last novel works update, and that is largely in part to my future wanderlust plans. With that now settled (I will post about that at a later time – I promise), it is time to make a few announcements.

In exactly 32 days, I will release the sequel to Soprano Speaks: Volume 1, the long-awaited Soprano Speaks: Volume 2!


Once the official cover is complete, I will be sure to share it here first.

And…at the end of Soprano Speaks: Volume 2, there will be an excerpt from my first full novel – MAGIX!

I have gone through so much with this novel, so to finally be at a place to where I can share a bit of this story with you all is a huge deal for me. Overall, I am jittery from the excitement and looking forward to sharing the world that I’ve created with everyone. And I hope you all like it. Thanks.

Continue reading, continue writing, and continue to love the process.

– K. McCoy


Writing Prompts!

In between editing my future books and short stories, I have fallen in love with doing random prompts 🙂

This is the first one that I received from my IG page. Yeah, it’s a bit dark, but give it a read anyway 🙂

And I promise the next prompt that I received will be a bit bright. Dare I say funny? Thanks!



Kent stared at her as she continued to look out the window of their families’ cabin. His thoughts were no longer those of a dear and devoted brother in law for his distraught sister in law. Since his brother, Keith brought MacKenzie home to meet his parents for Sunday dinner 5 years ago, he wanted no one else but her. Seeing her nervously hold his brother’s hand as she smiled at his mom and dad warmed his heart. He wasn’t surprised at all when his mother offered Keith the engagement ring that his father had given her as MacKenzie and his dad laughed over desert that same evening.

Her wedding ring now caught the rays of the sun, causing the light to dance quickly over the ancient wallpaper that his mother refused to replace within this relic cabin.
She finally turned to face him and the pained look in her almond shaped eyes fueled his need to become her protector even more. He found himself wanting to whisk her away to a small island where no one – especially his careless brother – could find them. Kent’s hands shook as he thought of snatching off her wedding ring and swapping it with one that he deemed worthy of her.
“Any word on Keith’s condition?” MacKenzie asked hopefully.

“Keith’s condition is the same as it was yesterday. And the day before that. As it has been for 2 months. When will you accept that?”
She shook her head. “The doctors say he could wake up any day now. I believe them.”
The love in adoration still in her eyes for his comatose brother pissed him off. And Kent’s gentle tone was gone when he demanded loudly. “Accept it! Now! Or you will lose yourself too.”
Her eyes widen in shock, but Kent was no where near finished. He raced on with his plea as if he were in a marathon to reach her mind  before heartache consumed her whole. “Wasn’t the lost of your child enough Kenzie? Keith was drunk and decided to drive with Michael in the the backseat. Now they’re both dead!”
His face stung from the hard contact of her   hand. He saw a trickle of blood on her ring finger and knew that he was bleeding, but he didn’t care. The only woman that he ever allowed himself to love had all but locked herself up in this cabin because of his jackass brother. And he could not stand to see her this way anymore.
“He will wake up – I know he will Kent. And saying things like that won’t make me leave or give up on him!” MacKenzie’s feet swayed and Kent caught her before she fell to the floor.
“I still love him.” She whispered fiercely to Kent. “I won’t leave him.”
His eyes now filled with tears as he thought sadly, My sweet Kenzie… He has already left you. When will you see that?

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Love is Color – Review

With only 5 days left in February, I present to you my gift to all of you (since I decided to make you all my belated Valentines) and share my thoughts about the latest book that I have read – Love is Color.



Originally, I had found out about this collection of work via Instagram from its curator, L. Loren (more about this talented writer later). She was looking for submissions from writers at the time and I had expressed interested in sending in one of my short stories. Then life happened and no matter how much I wanted to, I just wasn’t able to send her any of my pieces.

After reading this lovely body of work, I am really glad that I didn’t send in anything though. This way, I was fully able to simply enjoy reading this book as just a reader and not compare or critique myself in any way with the other authors, poets, and/or writers.

It was refreshing! And these stories…Oh my LAWD! They are everything that I needed and more.

So after I finished reading them, I went to social media and begun liking and following everyone that was apart of this anthology.

Seriously, the authors and poets in this collection of work got me like: 63f45800669ba46748b8ae70a1920d692b004b6c_hq

Okay – moving on! I know that you all did not come here to hear me fangirl over finding new female writers to read 🙂

I will talk briefly about my top 3 picks for short stories and my top 3 picks for poetry.

Up first is the first story in this anthology – Mate of Fire, by Siren Allen. This short story  manages to give me a GREAT backstory, plenty of action, and a fierce female character that I liked – all within the first chapter! That is no easy feat, especially when it comes to paranormal stories. Loved how well the banter was written between the 2 main characters as well.

The second short story that I fell for was Twice in Love, by Brookelyn Mosley. Now, in the beginning of reading this story, I thought that I knew how it would end – a complete ‘Lifetime’ movie meets ‘Hallmark’ syrupy masterpiece. Those two are so not my thing and thankfully this story manages to avoid those trappings, even though the summary of this story seemed to say otherwise. I FLOVE the female lead in this story! She was unexpected and unapologetic in her own way, which added complexity to the overall story. As I continued to read this story and got to know more about her I really connected with her. So much so that when she had her moment, I felt as though I was there with her. A beautifully told story!

My final short story pick is Parasol, by L. Loren. I absolutely love how the backstory and present story collided together (Pun totally intended! Once you read this story, it will make more sense 🙂 ) both of the main characters. And the confidence – cockiness – of the female character for this story had me grinning like a Cheshire cat. My only con about this story is that I would have liked just one more chapter! It was so well written that I immediately went back and read it again.

Honorable mention short story goes to His Secret Pawn, by Cam Johns. All I am going to say is:


Moving on to the top 3 poems!

First, we have Neurotic Behavior, by Candis Johnson. Poetry is where it all started for me on this writing journey, and reading this poem by her took me back to the beginning of where it all started for me. Those nights spent wide awake and writing, not sure if what I wrote would be the work of insanity or a complete masterpiece – this poem took me back to those memories. And it captured those feelings so intimately that I can not thank her enough for sharing this poem with the world.

Second favorite poem is Expedition of Devotion, by Nyikia Nixon. This piece made me confront the feelings that I have been craving having for months weeks now that I still did not want to admit to just yet. Sigh. I want to experience the kind of love that she is talking about in this piece. Those feelings that a lover brings are described in fascinating detail within this poem, so much so that it is the first piece that I return to after a long day of work to find my calm.

The third and finally poem from this collection that I loved is For Eternity, by Kiana Donae. Lawd! I have heard of ‘happily ever after’ so many times and in so many ways, but reading this piece allowed me to envision a happily ever after for myself. And it was more than I thought possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this poem!

Again, thank you L. Loren, for curating an amazing collection of work for your first anthology! There may have been a few formatting issues throughout the eBook (trust me, I know well enough about the challenges formatting a book can bring-lol), but in the end you were able to share with the world your vision of love – in vivid and living color!

And I am already looking forward to reading more of your stories.

Now that you all have heard me rave about Love in Color, please go and check the full collection out for yourselves by clicking here.


Until next time – continue reading, continue writing, and continue to love the process!

-K. McCoy


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Planning my Wanderlust in …3…2…1

Hello novel lovers and writers!

February is just about over and out – thank goodness 🙂

No Valentines for me this year, but plenty of work at my seasonal 9 to 5. Which is more than fine because I plan to set up my wanderlust hustle as soon as May.

Yeah, I am working on becoming a full time wanderluster.

I’ve only been back in the States for a little over a month and I am so over it! No longer do I want to clock in and clock out when someone else tells me to. I am just DONE with sitting at a front desk, sneaking peeks out of the clear glass doors of the office, wishing like hell that I could just walk out and explore. And there is not much that I want to explore in the States!

I want to see more of Mexico, attend the Seoul Jazz Festival in South Korea, practice my French in France, see classic opera houses in Florence, Italy – sigh!

I just want to tell the universe:


Okay, okay, I’ll dial down the Traci Thoms appreciation and finish this post 🙂

All in all, I want to do it all. Travel, teach, write, learn, and combine music when possible. So I have begun looking into freelance travel gigs, finding THEE editor to help me with getting my novels out to you all, a logo expert to assist with me putting my signature calling card onto my work, and building my Tribe.

But first, if you are following me on Instagram (and really, by now you should be 🙂 click here for the link!) I believe that I promised you all a proper review to #LoveisColor.

I will have that up and available this Friday, so check back in with me for that. Soon after that begins the in-depth and behind the scenes of my first novel – #MAGIX!

This book was my second completed NaNoWriMo project and I was not sure about sharing it with the world. Until my accountability squad squashed all my lame sauce excuses and left me with the truth – I was scared to share this book with the world. Now I have to see to getting it out into the universe by April.

How do I feel about that? Ummmm…


Though I know that in a few short weeks from now, I will do what I always do.

Prove myself wrong and break out into a cute two step celebration dance while congratulating myself on my awesomeness.

Looking forward to sharing #MAGIX with you all, and I hope you love my #LoveisColor review!

Remember to continue reading, continue writing, and continue to love the process.


-K. McCoy





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New Chronicles, New Tribe!

Hello again!

I know that it’s been almost a month since I’ve checked in, but I can promise you that I have a good reason.

In one word: branding!

Since I have started this journey as an indie author, branding was just one of the words that I would hear and ignore it all together. And that was pure ignorance on my part because I now know the importance of it when it comes to finding my readership. Really, I was just scared that with the word, I would have to start ‘marketing’ too, and I did not want to do that either – lol

Though in order to reach my readers, that is exactly what I am going to do now. It will be a full year since I’ve published anything, and I still have no clue as to who my readers are at all!

(Yeah, I’ve had friends read my work and buy a few copies too, but they are a bit bias because they’re my friends. And they already think that I’m awesome – which I totally am.)

So I have begun the task of editing all my finished work before sending them out to a proper editor and a few beta readers. Then I spent the rest of my time trying to describe what it is that I write. Eventually, I will branch out and work on other genres, but right now I have narrowed it down to 3 general genres:

  • Romance (interracial)
  • Women’s fiction
  • Music fiction

I bet you’re thinking to yourself, “Is there really a music fiction genre?” The answer is yes! And I have 2 work in progress novels to prove it! Next year I will release one of those books, and I am so excited to share that story with you all.

First up though for 2018 will be the sequel to Sweet Seducing Sighs, appropriately titled, Sweet Seducing Sighs Too!

It is scheduled for Valentine’s Day release, and I promise you that it’s just as good as the first one. Perhaps a teensy tiny bit better 🙂

Now, in the sake of branding, I’ve created a short slideshow below to give you all a better understanding of what I like to write. If you are someone you know is an avid fan of such delightful stories, please click here to become part of my L.I.T. Tribe!

Until then, make sure everything that you do is noteworthy!

K. McCoy

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So…How is NaNoWriMo going?

Oh – it is going alright. Sigh.


I have somehow managed to keep up with the 50k word count, but I feel as though I’ve fallen into some weird writers funk. Somedays I can create these amazing scenes and fun dialogue, but when I finally sit down to type it up, I lack the motivation to do so. Even during my sprints with #sprintsandspirits, I have been struggling to write.

A few fellow writers have offered some great advice, that has helped a bit:

  • Focus on writing either just the dialogue or the description of a scene.
  • Write down your ideas in a small journal to type later.
  • Find writing prompts from NaNo website and other social media.
  • Type randomly (let your subconscious wander) in 15-minute / 10-minute sprints

There is a little over a week left, so we’ll see whether I am able to shake this funk by then. Wish me luck! And if you are also participating in NaNo this year, share your wins (or struggles) with me in the comments below so we can encourage one another to finish this year strong 🙂

“Continue reading, continue writing, and continue to love the process!”

K. McCoy



Happy Indie Author Day!

For such an important day for writers like me, I almost missed it completely.

In the midst of working, writing, and juggling this new found adventure of mine, I did not know about indie author day until a fellow author posted about it on Facebook.

Which also explains why I do not have much planned in the way of celebrating either.

Though I do have 2 pretty cool things to share. One I have been working on for a few weeks now – my biweekly newsletter!

The first issue is scheduled to be released this Sunday! If you would like to receive short and sweet soundtracks of my writing, such as excerpts from future stories, poems. and first-in-the-know offers on my ebooks, just click here.

And…who doesn’t love a great FLASH SALE!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That’s right! For today only, you can purchase a copy of Soprano Speaks AND Sweet Seducing Sighs for just .99 cents! And if you want to become one of my favorite novel lovers, please feel free to leave me a review. They really do help me improve and put the biggest smile on my face 🙂

And if you want to become one of my favorite novel lovers, please feel free to leave me a review. They really do help me improve and put the biggest smile on my face 🙂

Until next time novel lovers and writers!




NaNoWriMo Affirmation

nanowrimowriting affirmation

Yes, I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year!

This morning I received an email from them prompting me to create a ‘Writing Affirmation’ and I spent a few minutes thinking about what it is that I could say to myself when I feel a bit overwhelmed or incapable of completing my novel this November.

And then I remembered my outro of sorts for my YouTube channel.

That is how I found (or re-found) my affirmation for NaNoWriMo.

If I had to choose a symbol to remind me of this affirmation as well, it would definitely be a semicolon.

Because there have already been plenty of times when I have wanted to quit altogether, and I made the decision to continue this journey. It makes me happy, keeps me positive, and along the way I have met some truly amazing people.

So I will continue reading their amazing stories. I will continue to share my own stories too. And when the going gets tough – I will remember why I am still at it in the first place and continue to love the process.